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Under the spiritual sponsorship of Hoa Hao Buddhist Church Hoa Hao University, founded in An Giang province since November 1970, has come to its fourth academic year with an enrollment of over 3, 000 students attending five departments : literature, Pedagogy, Commerce and Banking, Business Admisnistration, Agricultural Polytechnics and varous centers . After three long years of hard trial due to material penury and indirect effects of the nations's difficult situation, Hoa Hao University has owed its survival to the determination and optinum efforts of the people who founded and directed it in the light of the objective prescribed by the Charter of Hoa Hao University, namely :

- To promote the national culture
- To expand popular and practical education
- To train specialized personnel of different fields to meet the requirements of national development, and to train cadres for the rural communities of Western provinces and for the Hoa Hao Buddhist community .

Hoa Hoa University was founded by people of the poor peasantry whose area of activity has always been the countryside and it is proud of its mission as a "rural university" . Millions of peasants and fishermen in the Mekong Delta area eying it as their sole hope advancement and brighted future .

The greatest concern of its responsible founders consists of sustaining and enlarging Hoa Hao University to meet the needs of mostly poor students and their task will be particularly arduous, if they fail to receive support and assistance from outside . Their burden is all the heavier as its enrollment is creasing, and their development work is greatly hampered by material difficulties .

Considering the lofty ideal of founders and administrators of Hoa Hao University, also realizing the vital character of and the the challenge encountered by a rural institution such as Hoa Hao University, we founder members of the Hoa Hao University Trust Fund have unanimously worked out the following 15 article statute as a basis for its operational activity .




A support fund for the Hoa Hao University is to be established and given the name of Hoa Hao University Development Fund, abridgedly written as QPT/VDH.HH . Its equivalent in English is "HHU Charitable Trust" .


The "HHU Charitable Trust" is an entirely cultural social and charitable organization operating throughout Vietnam and overseas for an indefinite period of time .


The "HHU Charitable Trust" is established with the following purposes :

1) To motivate educational activities of HH University by initiating, performing, achieving and/or sponsoring all university research works and formation/in-service training of organic professors for Hoa Hao University .
2) To develope facilities for Hoa Hao University by building premisen, furnishing classroom, constructing laboratories dormitory, auditorium, library, cafeteria, and other educational centers affilated to Hoa Hao University .
3) To grant scholarships and finance utility programs for the benefit of HHU students .
4) To financially support occasional ceremonies, and summer camp for HHU students .


In order to perform its activities as stipulated in Art. 3 the "HHU Charitable Trust" is authorized to receive donations in cash or in kind from whatever charitable organizations, agencies or individuals that are willing to help, regardless of their nationalities regulations, or judicial personalities . The "HHU Charitable Trust" is also authorized to initiates fund drives within the country and abroad .

Also, within the limits of its purpose, the "HHU Charitable Trust" is authorized to accept donations from generous people who supports one or more programs of Hoa Hao University . Disposal of such donations will be proceeded according to donators' desires.




In addition to eleven founder members of the "HHU Charitable Trust" whose signatures this statute carries, Mr. Luong Trong-Tuong, President of the Central Executive Council Hoa Hao Buddhist Church also Chairman of HHU Board of Trustees is invited to act as an honorary member of HHU Trust Fund .


The founder members make up the Boar of Trustees of the "HHU Charitable Trust" .


The Board of Trustees will elect a 3 member Current Affairs Committee or Executive Committee whose one year terms is effective as of the date of its formation . In his quality of Chancellor of Hoa Hao University, Senator Le-Phuoc-Sang will not run for membership of the Current Affairs Committee, this to preserve the independent characters of "HHU Charitable Trust" vis-a-vis Hoa Hao University .


The Current Affairs or Executive Committee will carry out the dicisions of the Board of Trustees "HHU Charitable Trust", which are made through majority vote by a meeting gathering at least half of its total members .


The members of "HHU Charitable Trust" offer their services without any pay . However, the expenses they incur for special activities will be reimbursed to them as approved by the Board of Trustees .


The "HHU Charitable Trust" is administratively autonomous from Hoa Hao University even though it is established for the sake of the latter's development . Every concern relevant to its operation must be submitted to the Current Affairs or Executive Committe which reports it to the Board of Trustees .


All cash provisions of the "HHU Charitable Trust" are to be deposited in a bank and draw checks must be signed by both the Current Affairs Committe Representative and the Chancellor of Hoa Hao University . The latter's signature serves to inform the Hoa Hao University Council of the "HHU Charitable Trust" cash situation, also to ensure the proper implementation of items specified in Art. 3 .


Every withdrawal of cash must secure the agreement of the Board of Trustees of "HHU Charitable Trust" which will proceed in the line of Article 8 .


The "HHU Charitable Trust" budget is disposed by Hoa Hao University only ; when requirements arise, the chancellor of Hoa Hao University is to send an official letter to justify his request for provisions . The Chancellor or his representative may call for a hearing of the Board of Trustees "HHU Charitable Trust" .



Elaborate details on administration and management of the "HHU Charitable Trust" will be given later by the Board of Trustees in the statute of internal regulations .


Amendments can be made to this statute at the proposal of 2/3 and approval by ¾ of the members . Only, Article 3 and 11 are to remain unalterable .


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